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Throughout time man has left artifacts behind which have been preserved by others and passed from generation to generation. Essentially, these preserved items represent the visual and written history of the world, whether it be in an individuals home or in a museum. Never before has mankind been as interested in the historical and collectible nature of these objects as it is today.

What individuals today don't realize is that the older the item the less extant copies exist, as each custodian of an object might not appreciate the value, whether monetary or otherwise. For those who do, the item is revered and for those who don't, it may be sold without proper knowledge of its value or just thrown in the trash.



With prices of fine objects commanding a higher price each day, individuals that have the ability to reproduce collectible objects do so at will. This adds another caveat to the collector as none of us wish to buy anything that is represented as old and yet is new. Experience in your selected field of collecting certainly does help and, our web site is intended to help by showing the items that are reproductions so that even the novice can determine the real from the fake. With our high-end photos an individual can study the real thing so that he/she won't be deceived by the those that sell the fakes whether on the Internet or in your local shop.

Another very important point to all individuals who choose to use our site. Prices are always based on condition. So, don't look at a price and automatically presume that your item is worth the same. This creates so many problems when an individual that has limited knowledge of antiques, attempts to sell his/her object to a knowledgeable dealer. We are not dealers and do not sell anything on our site, but are certainly aware of the animosity created between a buyer and seller when the seller believes an object is worth thousands when it is worth hundreds. As an example, a #1 Spiderman comic book in the highest graded condition it could possible be, should sell over $20,000, yet one of the owners of the site has one that would fetch only $400, because of missing parts of the front page and soiling of the cover.

So we happily present to you a site that has a database that has the ability to describe every antique and collectible known to mankind in an orderly fashion with cross-references. We have a long way to go to get it all, but we are moving as fast as we can and with your input we can do this faster. Remember, "knowledge is knowing where to find information".

This site is intended to bring all of the fields of antique and collectibles into one tightly knit area such that each category would be essentially a book within itself. Each category, as it gets completed, will have detailed descriptions, three sizes of photos along with prices based on condition. Then, there will be a history, bibliography, internet references, internet auctions, and internet groups and society links which are designed to enhance the knowledge of both the novice, collector and professional.

We hope that you enjoy this site. Over ten years of development time have been placed into the information you are about to see. It has been a big struggle to get here, but it has been worth the effort. If we don't have information about what you are looking for, email us and we will work on helping you find just that tidbit of information you are seeking.

  Our objective is to give you:
  • Detailed written descriptions
  • Prices based on conditions
  • Multiple photos of each object and related marks
  • Histories of categories described
  • Access to Internet references to the category
  • Access to societies and groups related to the category
  • Email access to our experts to answer your questions
  Have you ever looked in a price guide and seen a description and a price and then still not known what was described?
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